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Eton Noisekill

Eton NOISEKILL FLEECE 18 Sound Damping Polyester Fleece Mats

18 mm thick, polyester insulation fleece, self-adhesive. Ideal for use between trim parts and sheet metal parts. Reduces disturbing vibration noise, flame retardant and moisture repellent. Printed with ETON In Sound We Trust Pattern, black. Set consisting of 4 mats à 500 x 750 mm = 1.4 sqm. Engineered in Germany.

Eton NOISEKILL COMP 5 Sound Damping Mats

COMP 5 damping mats improve vehicle interior acoustics, reduce vehicle resonance, engine, rolling or vibration noise and enable clear and detailed music reproduction - with increased efficiency. High-end damping mat with anti-drumming noise protection, sound insulation and soundproofing. Optimal for door insulation, approx. 5.0 mm total thickness, 3-layer structure: 1.5 mm butyl + 0.5 mm aluminum + 3 mm insulating foam. Low own weight, flame retardant and self-adhesive, high long-term adhesive strength and temperature resistant. Scope of delivery: set of 4 mats 19.68" x 27.55". 5mm overall thickness.