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2-Way Component Sets

Xcelsus XP6.2B – Primum 6.5″ Component Set with XT25 Tweeter

Enhance your car audio experience with the Xcelsus XP6.2B Primum 6.5" Component Set. Featuring a 25mm soft textile dome tweeter and high-quality crossover components, this set delivers smooth, well-balanced sound across a variety of music genres. Easy to install and compatible with both hi-power head units and amplifiers.

Xcelsus XP6.2 – Primum 6.5″ Component Set with XT20 Tweeter

Upgrade your car's audio with Xcelsus XP6.2 Primum 6.5" Component Set, featuring a versatile 20mm pivoting tweeter and mica-filled polypropylene cone for exceptional sound quality. Ideal for factory system enhancements with its 60 W RMS power handling and no filter to the bass driver.

Rainbow AE-30TH 2-Way 6.5″ Component Set

Aniv. Edition Crystal Woofer 2-way system w/2"Mid/High in lighted enclosure

Rainbow SL-C260 2-Way 6.5″ Component Set

Enhanced Audio Experience with Rainbow Audio SL-C260 Discover clear, dynamic sound with the Rainbow Audio SL-C260 2-Way 6.5” Component Set.

Dynaudio Esotec 242GT 2-Way Component System

The Esotec System 242GT is a two-way component system comprised of one pair each of MW162GT woofers, MD 102 tweeters, and X 252 crossovers along with all mounting hardware and grilles.