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Xcelsus XXM650 – Xcelsia Series 6.5″ Competition Midbass Pair

Discover the true power of your car's audio with the Xcelsus XXM650 - Xcelsia Series 6.5" Competition Midbass Pair. Built with a 2” voice coil and a unique blend of carbon and fiberglass cones, this midbass pair promises clear and dynamic sound performance. Ideal for 2-way systems, and pairs well with XXT30 wave guide tweeters.

Xcelsus XUSM6 – Ultra SQL Series 6.5″ Midbass Driver Pair

Experience loud, clear sound with the Xcelsus XUSM6 Ultra SQL Series 6.5" Midbass Driver Pair. With a 38mm voice coil, oversized magnet system, and integrated cooling, these drivers are built for high performance and durability. Grills included.

Xcelsus XPLM6 – Primum SQL 6.5″ Midbass Driver Pair

Unleash powerful and crystal-clear sound with Xcelsus XPLM6 Primum SQL 6.5" Midbass Driver Pair. Specifically engineered for loud music while maintaining sound quality, this pair is perfect for audiophiles seeking high dynamics and durability.

Xcelsus XP6.2B – Primum 6.5″ Component Set with XT25 Tweeter

Enhance your car audio experience with the Xcelsus XP6.2B Primum 6.5" Component Set. Featuring a 25mm soft textile dome tweeter and high-quality crossover components, this set delivers smooth, well-balanced sound across a variety of music genres. Easy to install and compatible with both hi-power head units and amplifiers.

Xcelsus XP6.2 – Primum 6.5″ Component Set with XT20 Tweeter

Upgrade your car's audio with Xcelsus XP6.2 Primum 6.5" Component Set, featuring a versatile 20mm pivoting tweeter and mica-filled polypropylene cone for exceptional sound quality. Ideal for factory system enhancements with its 60 W RMS power handling and no filter to the bass driver.

Xcelsus XP620 – Primum 6.5″ 2-Way Speaker Pair

Upgrade your car's audio experience with the Xcelsus XP620 Primum 6.5" 2-Way Speaker Pair. Featuring a dual 16mm Mylar tweeter array and a Polypropylene Mica filled cone, these speakers are designed for rich and clear sound, making them the perfect factory upgrade.