Rainbow EL-C6.2P 6.5″ Component System

2-Way 6.5 inch (16,5cm) Component Set



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Upgrade Your Car’s Sound with Rainbow Audio EL-C6.2P 6.5″ Component Set
Discover improved audio quality in your vehicle with the Rainbow Audio EL-C6.2P 6.5″ Component Set. This product, designed for clear and balanced audio, delivers exceptional sound through its advanced components. Enjoy music with clarity and depth, as this set combines a well-designed woofer and tweeter for a harmonious audio experience.

Superior Sound Quality
The set offers a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz, capturing every detail of your music. The 19 mm silk dome tweeter and robust woofer work together to produce a blend of deep bass and clear highs.

Efficient Power Management
Capable of handling up to 150 Watts and requiring a minimum of 30 Watts, this component set ensures efficient power usage while maintaining outstanding audio quality.

Robust and Durable Design
Featuring a durable woofer with a butyl rubber surround and a vented 25 mm Kapton voice coil, the set is built to last. Its powder-coated finish adds to its durability and performance longevity.

Advanced Crossover for Optimal Sound
The included passive crossover utilizes high-quality components for a smooth blend between the woofer and tweeter, creating an engaging sound environment.

Simple Installation and Adjustment
Designed for straightforward installation, the set includes a mounting pan with an adjustable angle, making it a great choice for both audiophiles and DIY enthusiasts.

Ideal for Quality-Conscious Drivers
The Rainbow Audio EL-C6.2P is perfect for those seeking high-quality sound in their vehicle. It combines a carefully engineered woofer, tweeter, and crossover for superior sound performance. Enjoy a concert-like experience on your drives with this high-end audio component set, turning your car into a sanctuary of excellent sound.

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