Rainbow GL-C6.2 2-Way 6.5” Component Set

Geranium Series 2-way System

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Introducing the Rainbow Audio GL-C6.2, part of our Germanium-Line series. This robust speaker caters to music lovers who seek top-tier audio performance. It features a peak power of 180 watts, a rated power of 120 watts, and requires a minimum amplifier power of 75 watts, making it capable of delivering superior sound quality.

Technical Specifications The GL-C6.2 boasts a sensitivity of 90 dB 1W/1m, a frequency range of 39-30,000 Hz, and a 4 Ohm impedance. This combination ensures crystal-clear sound that captures every detail.

Woofer Features The woofer comes with a blackened aluminum-paper cone and a double M-surround for extensive excursion. Its low-resonance aluminum die-cast basket ensures maximum airflow, while palladium-plated screw terminals and a specially designed anti-resonance dust cap contribute to its superior performance. Cooling and ventilation of the dust cap, magnet motor, air gap, and spider are optimized for peak operation.

Tweeter Design The tweeter features an aluminum die-cast housing and is devoid of ferrofluid in its magnet system, ensuring clean sound reproduction. The silk dome tweeter is hand-coated for audiophile-grade sound. Its design includes a magnet back plate with 12-way drilled holes for optimal acoustic performance, complemented by a meticulously designed protection grill.

Crossover Engineering The GL-C6.2’s crossover includes a phase-corrected 2x 12 dB network with an adjustable crossover point. It incorporates high-quality Mundorf capacitors for the upper frequencies, low-resistance air coils, and MOX resistors with aluminum heatsinks. The tweeter benefits from five-step attenuation and PTC protection + HALO for enhanced performance and safety.

Conclusion The Rainbow GL-C6.2 is an unparalleled choice for audiophiles. Its advanced features and meticulous design ensure a listening experience that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

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