Rainbow TSL/MD3/100FS 2022 Plug and Play Subwoofer / Amplifier Kit for Tesla Model 3 (Year 2022)

Plug-n-Play System for 2022Tesla Model 3. Sub, Tweeters, DSP/Amplifier

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Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 audio system with the Rainbow Plug and Play Solution. The Tesla Model 3 comes standard with a 14-speaker system, but only 8 of these speakers are active, and it lacks a subwoofer and amplifier. This setup results in limited sound power, reduced sub-bass, and a narrow dynamic range. The lack of DSP for time alignment also leads to mono sound in all seats.

The Rainbow Audio Engineers have developed an upgrade kit specifically for the Tesla Model 3. It includes a 10-inch subwoofer with a 350W output, enhancing the sub-bass and overall sound power. This subwoofer fits perfectly into the trunk’s existing mounting space.

The kit’s main feature is the 12-channel DSP Amplifier, L10.1, which offers a 1000W maximum output, quadrupling the power of the factory system. It connects seamlessly to the existing speakers via a dedicated wiring harness and activates all 14 speakers, ensuring a fuller sound experience.

Additionally, the system is fine-tuned by Rainbow engineers and includes HiFi and All Seat modes, accessible through a mobile app. This adjustment resolves the mono sound issue and delivers a richer and more dynamic audio experience, making every seat in the car a great spot to enjoy music.

Overall, the Rainbow Plug and Play Solution significantly improves the audio experience in your Tesla Model 3, making it more powerful and immersive.

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