Xcelsus XPLT28W – Primum SQL 28mm Waveguide Tweeter

The Xcelsus XPLT28W is a 28mm Waveguide Tweeter designed for uncompromising audio fidelity at high volumes. Paired best with XPLM midbass drivers, it offers clear, resonant sound for car audio enthusiasts who demand top performance.



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The Tweeter for Audiophiles Who Crave Power

Meet the Xcelsus XPLT28W – Primum SQL 28mm Waveguide Tweeter. Specifically engineered to pair seamlessly with our XPLM midbass drivers, this tweeter brings you unmatched sound quality, even at high volumes. It’s perfect for those who LIKE IT LOUD without sacrificing audio fidelity.

Product Highlights:

  • Waveguide Component: Enables optimal dispersion of high frequencies, offering a richer, more immersive listening experience.
  • 28mm Textile Dome Diaphragm: Crafted for long-lasting performance and superb sound clarity.
  • Neodymium Motor with Copper Ring: Ensures higher efficiency and better heat dissipation for prolonged usage.
  • Pre-Soldered Fly Lead Connection: Hassle-free installation so you can enjoy premium sound quality in no time.

Recommended Usage:

  • Passive Systems: For the best results, pair the XPLT28W with our XUSTX6/8 passive crossover and either XPLT6 or XPLT8 midbass drivers.
  • Active Systems: For those running fully active systems, a starting crossover point of 2.5 – 3k with a 6 or 12dB slope is recommended.

Technical Specifications:

  • Recommended Power: 50 – 100 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 3K – 20K Hz
  • Installation Depth: 45mm / 1.77”
  • Impedance: 4 ohm

If you’re looking for a tweeter that stands up to high volumes without compromising sound quality, the Xcelsus XPLT28W is the perfect choice. Upgrade your car audio experience today.

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