Xcelsus XUST30W – Ultra SQL Series 30mm Waveguide Tweeter

Meet the Xcelsus XUST30W, an Ultra SQL Series 30mm Waveguide Tweeter designed for loud, clean sound with minimal distortion. Featuring a robust oversized magnet system and an advanced cooling setup, this tweeter ensures top-tier dynamics and durability.



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Enhance Your Car Audio Experience with the Xcelsus XUST30W

When it comes to achieving high-quality audio at high volumes, the Xcelsus XUST30W is sure to impress. Specifically engineered to offer a balanced blend of output and sound quality, this 30mm waveguide tweeter is the result of exhaustive research, development, and rigorous testing.

Core Features:

  • Waveguide Tweeter Component: A high-end design that optimizes sound dispersion.
  • Textile Dome Diaphragm: Ensures smooth sound delivery through a 30mm soft textile dome.
  • Advanced Cooling System: A 30mm ferrofluid-immersed voice coil with an integrated cooling system maintains performance during extended listening sessions.
  • Solid Construction: Built with die-cast aluminum for lasting durability.
  • High Power Handling: Capable of managing up to 100 Watts peak.
  • Wide Frequency Response: Performs impressively across a range of 3K – 20k Hz.
  • Easy Installation: With a depth of 45 mm / 1.77”, installation is straightforward.

Optimized for Performance

The XUST30W features a strong neodymium motor and a liquid-cooled voice coil, housed deep inside a durable die-cast aluminum waveguide. This strategic setup provides not only excellent heat dissipation but also contributes to the tweeter’s smooth sound character. Whether you’re rocking out on a short drive or embarking on a road trip, this tweeter ensures a non-fatiguing high-fidelity experience.

Flexibility in Tuning

With a sound pressure level (SPL) comparable to that of two 6.5″ drivers, the XUST30W is designed for versatility. When used with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a high crossover point is recommended, and both 6 or 12dB slopes are possible for face installation.

The Xcelsus XUST30W is not just a component; it’s an investment in top-quality sound. Ideal for audio enthusiasts who don’t want to compromise on volume or clarity.

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