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Aegis Distribution Inc. - Established 2022

In 2022, Aegis Distribution Inc, or ADi for short, was formed under the leadership of Scott Welch. Scott has taken his expertise to become the President of the corporation. ADi was created with the goal of bringing top-tier car audio products into North America, tailored to the unique needs of their demographics.

For over 35 years, Scott Welch has been an industry leader in the car audio field. Scott started at the age of 20 as a car audio installer, and quickly moved up to overseeing install bays. After 20+ years in the installation capacity, Scott moved into store management followed by regional distribution before becoming national sales manager for Hybrid Audio Technologies. Scott's unique hands on experience allowed him to gain inclusive knowledge of every and all aspects of the car audio business as a whole. 

Scott's passion for car audio showed on the competition scene, where he's competed in IASCA / MECA Sound Quality and winning numerous world and national championships. Over the years, Scott has transitioned to be a well-known and respected judge for IASCA/MECA/EMMA events, helping to guide other passionate audiophiles to achieve their sound quality goals. With the extensive competition and judging background, he has transcended to become a leader in DSP technologies and training. 

Scott Welch

ADi President - CEO & Thought Leader

Well known in the sound quality circuit, Scott Welch brings over thirty years of car audio industry experience, including five years in car audio distribution and manufacturing.

You might find him judging an IASCA / MECA / EMMA event near you.

John Borges

ADi Secretary - Finance & Operations

John started in home audio sales, working his way into management, and eventually starting his own chain of car audio sales and installation centers.

Over forty-five years of sound quality experience gives him a unique perspective on the past and future of car audio.

Brie Welch

Creative Marketing & eCommerce

Brie started off as a self-taught graphic designer before moving into creative marketing. She has nine years of marketing experience working with agencies, B2B, and B2C companies. Her passion for eCommerce assists in driving ADi forward.

Shipping Team

Inventory and Fulfillment

The unseen heroes of the facility who help things run smoothly and packages get delivered on time, safely. Regardless of the shipping method you select: through UPS economy, or our larger freight orders, they are the magicians who helped make it happen.

ADi is the Northern America Eton Distributor

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