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Xcelsus XUST30W – Ultra SQL Series 30mm Waveguide Tweeter

Meet the Xcelsus XUST30W, an Ultra SQL Series 30mm Waveguide Tweeter designed for loud, clean sound with minimal distortion. Featuring a robust oversized magnet system and an advanced cooling setup, this tweeter ensures top-tier dynamics and durability.

Xcelsus XPLT28W – Primum SQL 28mm Waveguide Tweeter

The Xcelsus XPLT28W is a 28mm Waveguide Tweeter designed for uncompromising audio fidelity at high volumes. Paired best with XPLM midbass drivers, it offers clear, resonant sound for car audio enthusiasts who demand top performance.

Eton GRAPHIT 28 1-1/8″ / 28mm Tweeter – Pair

High-end 28 mm (1 1/8“) hand-coated fabric tweeter with coupling volume in the smart installation dimension of a 25 mm tweeter. Special damping pad and newly developed ETON tweeter grille to optimize the radiation characteristics, impedance 8 ohms, 120 W (RMS) via crossover, 90 dB characteristic sound pressure, manufacturing & development Made in Germany.

Eton ONYX 28 1-1/8″ Tweeter – Pair

High-end 28 mm (1 1/8 inch) tweeter with hand-coated fabric dome, coated and multi-vented surround, asymmetrical coupling volume with RCFS technology, damping pad and strong neodymium drive. 8 ohm impedance, 120 W RMS (with crossover), 87.5 dB characteristic sound pressure and optimized omnidirectional characteristics. With sandblasted, CNC-machined, black anodized surface-mount & built-in enclosures, removable grille, Made in Germany.