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Class D Amplifier

Eton MINI 150.4 4-Channel Class D Compact Amplifier

4-channel Class-D amplifier with 4 x 100 W into 4 ohms, 4 x 155 W into 2 ohms and 2 x 310 W into 4 ohms bridged, Auto-Sense On function (DC/SIG), Hi-Lo level inputs, level remote control, separately adjustable level gains 0.45 V - 6 V, switchable input signal for channel 3+4, active crossovers with 12 dB HPF & LPF (HPF 15 - 300 Hz & 300 - 6000 Hz, LPF 30 - 300 Hz & 600 - 6000 Hz). Suitable for start-stop function, removable connector plugs, Mulit-Mount installation feet for easy and quick mounting, innovative cooling fin design with smart dimensions 183 x 146 x 50 mm. Engineered in Germany.

Eton Stealth 1200.1 1-Channel Class D Mono Amplifier

To upgrade the STEALTH 7.1 DSP power amplifier, the STEALTH now gets a new addition to the family, the brand new ETON STEALTH 1200.1 monoblock amplifier - A real powerhouse in terms of bass! A whopping 1200 W RMS into 1 Ohm, 860 W RMS into 2 Ohm and 560 W into 4 Ohm and all that in the already familiar STEALTH heat sink design and size! Removable connector plugs for power and audio signal and a high damping factor provides optimal control. The full equipment with low-level inputs, high-level inputs, subsonic filter, low-pass filter, auto turn-on detection (DC & SIG) and the suitability for vehicles with start/stop function complete the package. This makes the STEALTH 1200.1 the ideal bass powerhouse, especially in combination with the STEALTH 7.1 DSP.