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Monoblock Amplifier

Eton Stealth 1200.1 1-Channel Class D Mono Amplifier

To upgrade the STEALTH 7.1 DSP power amplifier, the STEALTH now gets a new addition to the family, the brand new ETON STEALTH 1200.1 monoblock amplifier - A real powerhouse in terms of bass! A whopping 1200 W RMS into 1 Ohm, 860 W RMS into 2 Ohm and 560 W into 4 Ohm and all that in the already familiar STEALTH heat sink design and size! Removable connector plugs for power and audio signal and a high damping factor provides optimal control. The full equipment with low-level inputs, high-level inputs, subsonic filter, low-pass filter, auto turn-on detection (DC & SIG) and the suitability for vehicles with start/stop function complete the package. This makes the STEALTH 1200.1 the ideal bass powerhouse, especially in combination with the STEALTH 7.1 DSP.

Eton AM 300 1-Channel Class D Mono Amplifier

High quality 1-channel Class-D amplifier module! This turns the self-built subwoofer into an active subwoofer in no time. The advantages are obvious: small, no additional space for a large external power amplifier, inexpensive and full power. The AM300 module brings proud 300 W RMS at 4 ohms and thus fires most 2x2 ohm subwoofers as well as 1x4 ohm subwoofers. The airtight plastic housing can be easily integrated into the subwoofer, the actual amplifier module is then screwed in. Adjustable low-pass filter 40-100 Hz as well as an adjustable gain, high & low level input, massive power terminal as well as a cable remote control are included in the set. Perfect also for vehicles with start-stop function, auto turn on function (SIG/DC). The AM300 module can also be used as a plug and play upgrade for the ETON RES 10P. Engineered in Germany.