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It started with a dream and now they are unmatched, providing amplifiers that will stand out against the competition time and time again.

High End Quality

Audio Wave amplifiers are design and assembled by hand in England. They are a labor of love by Grant Hanan and it shows.

Audio Wave Ltd was founded in 2007 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. Although the company was officially founded in 2007, design, research and development had started much earlier in 2002. As the car audio market have been through some tough times, consequently many companies have closed down and those left in the industry have cut back. There was an urgent need for some Hi-End car Hi-Fi amplifiers equal to the domestic amplifier market sector!

Audio Wave’s approach has always been to design and hand-craft every amplifier one at a time. 

Why choose Audio Wave amplifiers?

Hand Crafted

Every process from the schematic diagram to the design of the PCB is done in-house including fitting all the components by hand and of course not forgetting all the metal work.

Attention to Detail

All the electronic components are carefully matched before PCB assembly. After testing they go through a burn-in period before final tests are carried out.

Amplifier Matching

All amplifiers go through an amplifier matching process to ensure they have the closest specification pairing resulting in fantastic reproduction and balanced sound.

Pride in Design

Audio Wave takes pride in all their products. They don’t just build amplifiers, they build Hi-end amplifiers that surpass the competition.

Ivan from Italy's Install

Indonesia Excel CA Install

Indonesia Excel CA Install

Mark's U.S. Cadillac Install

Audio Wave is found installed across the globe

Japanese Mercedes Install

Nigel from the UK's Install

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