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Connections / Wiring

Eton Amplifier Connection Cable for 4-Channel MICRO

Amplifier connection cable set MICRO 4-channel (ACCM4) - Plug and Play universal cable set for easy and quick installation of a MICRO 250.4 power amplifier on the existing OEM wiring harness using ISO connectors, behind the head unit. Hi-Level signal tap, signal feed to original wiring harness with integrated flat fuse and matching connectors for the MICRO 250.4 power amplifier.

Eton Amplifier Connection Cable for 2-Channel MICRO

For easy connection, including all necessary connectors, to the original ISO wiring harness in the vehicle. Precisely fitting connectors for ETON MICRO 120.2 (power, speaker & hi-level input), music signal tap high-level, the music signal is fed into the original wiring harness. Remote signal incl. power tap on ISO plug with integrated fuse holder and blade fuse. The lengths of the cables are perfectly designed to mount the power amplifier hidden behind the head unit, multimedia or navigation system.