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Eton Amplifier Connection Cable for 4-Channel MICRO

Amplifier connection cable set MICRO 4-channel (ACCM4) - Plug and Play universal cable set for easy and quick installation of a MICRO 250.4 power amplifier on the existing OEM wiring harness using ISO connectors, behind the head unit. Hi-Level signal tap, signal feed to original wiring harness with integrated flat fuse and matching connectors for the MICRO 250.4 power amplifier.

Eton Mercedes Plug and Play Upgrade for Sprinter VS 30 (907/910)

165 mm (6.5") plug and play front system for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 (907/910) from MY 6/2018. 25 mm (1") coated fabric tweeters in a specially developed tweeter unit for optimized omnidirectional characteristics and increased transmission. 80 mm (3") midrange driver in the smart 65 mm original installation dimension and dual connection terminal for emergency call assistant and music signal. Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide plastic baskets with sealing flange and vehicle-specific connection terminals. Coated paper diaphragm for powerful and warm music reproduction. Strong ferrite magnet with pole core hole for optimal cooling. Incl. cable crossovers and lever tool specially matched to the vehicle. Engineered in Germany.

Eton MINI 150.4 4-Channel Class D Compact Amplifier

4-channel Class-D amplifier with 4 x 100 W into 4 ohms, 4 x 155 W into 2 ohms and 2 x 310 W into 4 ohms bridged, Auto-Sense On function (DC/SIG), Hi-Lo level inputs, level remote control, separately adjustable level gains 0.45 V - 6 V, switchable input signal for channel 3+4, active crossovers with 12 dB HPF & LPF (HPF 15 - 300 Hz & 300 - 6000 Hz, LPF 30 - 300 Hz & 600 - 6000 Hz). Suitable for start-stop function, removable connector plugs, Mulit-Mount installation feet for easy and quick mounting, innovative cooling fin design with smart dimensions 183 x 146 x 50 mm. Engineered in Germany.

Eton Mercedes 4″ Single Center Speaker Plug and Play Upgrade

100 mm plug and play single center coaxial speaker consisting of a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide basket with the typical Mercedes-Benz 3-point mounts and integrated sealing flange, as well as the precisely fitting connection terminals. Strong neodymium magnet and ribbed paper diaphragm with integrated 15 mm aluminum tweeter, including tweeter housing crossover and double connection terminal for music signal and emergency call assistant. Development and manufacture Made in Germany.

Eton Mercedes 8″ Plug and Play Subwoofer Upgrade Set

200 mm (8 inch) plug and play subwoofer set consisting of two specially tuned subwoofers in flat design with metal basket, inserted in a fiberglass reinforced polyamide bracket. With air-dried and hand-coated paper cone and strong neodymium magnet, 2 ohms impedance, 200 W music power handling, 87 dB characteristic sound pressure, for left-hand drive Mercedes-Benz models. Made in Germany.

Eton Stealth 1200.1 1-Channel Class D Mono Amplifier

To upgrade the STEALTH 7.1 DSP power amplifier, the STEALTH now gets a new addition to the family, the brand new ETON STEALTH 1200.1 monoblock amplifier - A real powerhouse in terms of bass! A whopping 1200 W RMS into 1 Ohm, 860 W RMS into 2 Ohm and 560 W into 4 Ohm and all that in the already familiar STEALTH heat sink design and size! Removable connector plugs for power and audio signal and a high damping factor provides optimal control. The full equipment with low-level inputs, high-level inputs, subsonic filter, low-pass filter, auto turn-on detection (DC & SIG) and the suitability for vehicles with start/stop function complete the package. This makes the STEALTH 1200.1 the ideal bass powerhouse, especially in combination with the STEALTH 7.1 DSP.

Eton RTA 3.5 Microphone for Eton DSP Amplifiers

The ETON RTA3.5 is a newly developed, high-quality measurement microphone for measuring vehicle interior acoustics and is required for the RTA function (Real Time Analyzer) integrated in the ETON DSP amplifiers. It enables fine-detail frequency response measurements in the vehicle interior and thus offers the user the possibility to optimally adjust the speakers and subwoofers installed in the vehicle to the acoustic conditions. The high-quality 160 mm aluminum SQ rod measurement microphone has a 5 m long, detachable, multi-shielded RCA jack cable that was specially designed for ETON amplifiers.

Eton Amplifier Connection Cable for 2-Channel MICRO

For easy connection, including all necessary connectors, to the original ISO wiring harness in the vehicle. Precisely fitting connectors for ETON MICRO 120.2 (power, speaker & hi-level input), music signal tap high-level, the music signal is fed into the original wiring harness. Remote signal incl. power tap on ISO plug with integrated fuse holder and blade fuse. The lengths of the cables are perfectly designed to mount the power amplifier hidden behind the head unit, multimedia or navigation system.

Eton BMW 4″ Coaxial System, N-Basket Dashboard, Plug and Play Upgrade

100 mm (4 inch) BMW plug and play single coaxial center speaker with ribbed paper cone